7 Reasons Companies Are Adding Estate Planning To Their Services

And Why It Could Work For Your


# 1 It’s Profitable

Whilst instinctively everybody knows they should make a Will the fact of the matter is 68% of people in the UK have not done so and even less people have made Lasting Powers of Attorney. By offering your clients an Estate Planning Service you serve the best interests of your client by ensuring they look after their loved ones. Estate plans typically cost around £2000 per couple and therefore can prove very profitable for your business.

# 2 Will Writing Is Unregulated

With Will Writing being an unregulated product it means you can start in business straight away with little investment or set up costs. Having said that just because it is unregulated it does not mean you should not adhere to the highest standards and The Business School of Will Writing can provide all of the training and information you need to start your journey in a professional manner.

# 3 We Give You All The Training You Will Need

The Business School Of Will Writing offers first class training on Wills and  Estate Planning. Our trainers are all experienced Estate Planners and business owners and are skilled in all aspects of what it takes to successfully offer Estate Planning Products within your organisation. Our courses are comprehensive  and cover all the aspects you will require to start offering your client Wills and Estate Planning. Whether it is the legal side, to technical, to sales. You will leave our courses equipped with all the skills and knowledge to know, with confidence, that you are offering the best service to your clients.

# 4 Our Courses Are Packed With Features

  • Learn how to draft high quality Wills and LPAs using our professional Will drafting software
  • Use our proven method of presenting Estate Planning in a way that will be easily understood and appreciated by your clients.
  • Learn how to build your business with Estate Planning
  • Learn how to take good client instructions

# 5 Your Database Is Your Acre Of Diamonds

If you google acre of diamonds it tells of a farmer who went in search of diamonds only to find he was already sitting on a fortune. Your client base is your `acre of diamonds` and will give you all you need to expand and grow your business.

# 6 Supported Integration of Wills And Estate Planning Into Your Business

The Business School Of Will Writing are experts in supporting the integration of Estate Planning services into your offerings. We work with Will Writers, IFAs, Estate a Agents and Mortgage Brokerage to give them all the skills and knowledge needed to sell and produce the highest quality products and offer the very best of service. It is important that we work with our clients to learn their business and the unique ways in which they work before integrating the new Estate Planning services into their existing processes.

# 7 We Provide Software That Makes It Easy

In conjunction with Will Writer Pro we have developed some amazing software tool which means that adding Estate Planning to your services could not be easier. Will Writer Pro is the revolutionary end to end software designed for Estate Planning companies, offering cutting edge technology to enhance every part of their business. From back office to sales, finance to document production, Will Writer Pro offers advanced, innovative solutions and automation to enhance service and drive growth. Our Estate Planning course teaches you everything you need to know to get the very most out of this amazing product.

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