How To Build A Will Writing Business

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Tim Heard has been in the Will Writing business for over 15 years

and is an author, business owner and is Principal of the Business

School of Will Writing and this book is packed with information on

the following:

# Marketing

Are you struggling to grow and are not too sure about how to go

about finding new customers then this book is for you. Covering a

multitude of different sales and marketing ideas there is something

in there that we are sure you will find useful.

# Business


If your business structure is wrong and lacks efficiency it effects

your bottom line. This book covers great ideas on how to set up

correctly and run your own business smoothly producing

documents well and allowing you time to grow the business.

# Software

Runs The


This book is backed with ideas on how to use software

to make your admin easy and efficient. The author is

also part owner of the  Will Writer Pro software and back

office software solution for even the most demanding of business.

# Pricing Your



Many Will Writing companies fail to grow simply because

the have the wrong price point for there products. Find out

why simply selling a Will is not enough to make

a success and why so much more is needed.

# Brush Up On

The Legal


Whether you have been in the business 20 years or 20 minutes

there is always something to brush up as far as your knowledge

is concerned and this book takes the subject and breaks it down and

presents it in an easily understood way that means you are sure to pick up something new.

# Once You

Have Read The

Book, You May

Want More…

The Business School Of Will Writing offers first class training on Wills and  Estate Planning to

accompany the book. Our trainers are all experienced Estate Planners and business owners

and are skilled in all aspects of what it takes to successfully offer Estate Planning Products

within your organisation. Our courses are comprehensive  and can be done online or face to

face and cover all the aspects you will require to grow your Wills and Estate Planning business.

Whether it is the legal side, the technical side or you wish to concentrate more on sales there is

always something more we can give you