Surge In Demand For Will Writing Services In UK Following COVID Pandemic

Why There Has Never Been A Better Time To

Expand Your Services

The last two years have seen the UK, alongside the rest of the world, dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and the incredibly challenging and difficult times it has brought. For many, they have never experienced a time with so much uncertainty and it has, and continues to, force people to focus their attention to putting security measures in place to protect themselves and their families.  

It has been announced by various sources that there has been up to a 70% increase in the demand for Will Writing services in the UK, with Will Writing companies struggling to deal with the steep rise in the need for their services.

COVID-19 has effected every one, and has ignited a need for younger people to take a mindset that many would never usually have had. This is why, not only has their been a rise in the number of people making wills, but the average age of these people is younger than ever before. Parents are working to organise their affairs and ensure that their children are provided for, property and business owners are more aware than ever that they need the proper documentation in place to ensure that their wishes are realised, and those who now find themselves more vulnerable are moving towards ensuring their care givers have access to all that the need to assist them in their affairs.

For many, this time has been a stark reminder of Wills that were put in place many years ago and are now out dated and do not reflect their wishes today. There has never been a more important time for people to review and renew what they have put in place.

It is not just Wills that people have found themselves in desperate need of during this time. There has never been more of a need for other Estate Planning services such as Lasting Powers of Attorney. At a time where so many have found themselves in a vulnerable position – unable to leave their houses to carry out their normal day to day activities – they are relying on loved ones and care givers to assist them. They are also faced with the reality of thinking about end of life care, and as such, need to know the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney and the power they hold in assisting their loved ones to carry out their wishes once they are unable to do so.

There is no better time from a business perspective to branch out into the world of Estate Planning, and no easier and more cost effective way to do it than with the training and support offered at The Business School Of Will Writing.

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