Learn How To Expand Your Business

To expand your business, fundamentally, you need to start with establishing a good source of enquiries. You should have a good product range to offer your clients which are charged at a fair price, and finally, have consultants that are able to close deals.

Typically there are a number of ways of generating enquiries, and no two companies are quite the same. Some of the companies that we train are extremely good at setting up a call centre where they work through data to sell their products and this often starts with selling a basic Will and then upselling to full Estate Planning. Others are very good at building relationships with IFAs and Mortgage Brokers, where the quality of enquiry tends to be very high.

As we come out of the COVID situation, shopping centres will return to their pre-COVID state, and having a stand in a shopping centre can also produce good business.

If you are looking to expand your business the Business School of Will Writing will train you in the methods you are interested in and then it is a case of trying each method and adjusting to the methods that work best for you.