Are You Charging Enough?

At the Business School of Will Writing, we are often asked by companies how much they should be charging their clients for each service. Whilst there is a slight difference depending on postcode, our experience is such, that the North/South price divide doesn’t really exist. It tends to be down to the confidence of the individual presenting the products.

We do think it’s important that you charge the correct amount, as overcharge can hurt your reputation, however, it is far more common for companies to take the easy route and undercharge for the services they provide.

Typically we would suggest a single Will is charged at £125 + VAT, a mirror Will at £250 + VAT – if you were to add trusts that would increase the cost to £495 + VAT and typically LPAs would be charged at £275 + VAT each.

As mentioned, there is a slight variation in price depending on where you live, but generally, we have seen prices that are charged similar to what we suggest, which means the companies are prosperous and work equally as well whether you are based in the North or the South.