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Hello! This is my story


Sales Director
Buisness School of Will Writing  Jane 2018 - Present 

Managing Director
TD Software Services 2014 - Present 

One of our produts Will Writer Pro is a powerful Will Writing software that is leading edge and what we consider to be a `breakthrough product`.As director of sales my remit is simple and that is toestablish Willwriter Pro as the market leader in its field.Our expansion plans for 2016 are ambitiousand exciting and Willwriter Pro is proving to be a great company to be involved with.

UK Legal 2005 - 2016

UK Legal is an established Will Writing Practice that has 1000`s of clients the majority who areresident in Kent and Essex.UK Legal has recently established a branch in Villamartin in Spain toservice and cater for the ex-pat community.

My Education

  • Collage

    Borden Grammer School