Adding Estate Planning Services Into Your Established Business

Adding Estate Planning Services Into Your Established Business

This Workshop is designed for Professional Businesses looking to expand their services to include Will Writing and Estate Planning.


High Demand For Your Services

The Will Writing industry enjoys a constant supply of clients as 68% of people have not made a Will and even less (97%) have not made a Lasting Power of Attorney and that makes an excellent addition to your accountancy services.

Easy To Set Up

Adding a Will Writing service to your company is relatively easy to set up and requires only a modest capital investment . You already own a business and therefore to extend your services to include Will Writing makes sense. Your value is your expertise and advice and this can all be gained through the Workshop run by The Business School of Will Writing specifically for Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, IFA’s and Estate Agents.


The Will Writing Industry is unregulated which means you do not have to have formal qualifications. Having said that you are deemed a professional and therefore we advise you to receive competent training by attending our Workshops so that you can run your Will Writing practice with honour and integrity.

Low Initial Investment

This comprehensive Weekend Workshop will give you all that you need to add Will Writing to your company offerings. The Workshop includes

  • 2 days of training from our experienced tutors who are all business owners in their own right within the industry (see our Workshop brochure for details)
  • Your own website and associated company material.
  • A discounted rate on our Will Writing software
  • The option of mentorship during the first year which includes
    • 🗸 In the field training where your tutor visits your location and looks at how to market your practice.
    • 🗸 Real life sits where your tutor attends your actual presentations
    • 🗸 Ongoing personal support through a dedicated helpline
    • * Please note that the mentorship option is an additional cost.

The Workshop covers the following content:

Day 1

  • An overview
  • ▸ Wills Trusts and Powers of Attorney
  • ▸ Why make a Will?
  • ▸ Case study on the different types of Will and how they are constructed
  • ▸ Why make a Lasting Power of Attorney?
  • ▸ Case study of the different types of Lasting Power of Attorney
  • ▸ Taking good client instructions
  • ▸ Introduction to Will Writing software

Day 2

  • Review of Day 1
  • ▸ Will Writing software – Practical
  • ▸ Client instruction taking
  • ▸ Revision of the pre-course Technical notes
  • ▸ Test
  • ▸ Marketing Opportunities
  • ▸ Mentoring Programme