Hi Guys,

I want to talk to you today about the magic of 3, when building your
The magic of 3.
This comes from the proverb, ‘A 3-corded rope is not easily
broken’. So, I’m no expert, but if you think about manufacturing rope, they
don’t just use one cord, they get at least three, and then intertwine them and it
gives them the rope strength. So, this magic of 3, you can apply to your business.
How can we apply it?
1.The first thing you can do is to have a look at your product range, and make sure you’ve got at least three products that you can sell to your clients.
So, if they say no to one, you’ve got other opportunities. In our industry, in the will writing industry, we’ve got…
  • Wills with trusts in them.
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  • Funeral Plans.
  • When the client passes away, there are probate opportunities.
So, make sure that when you talk to a client, you talk packages as I’ve said previously in one of my videos, and you’re putting the magic of 3 into your product range.
2. Apply magic of 3 to your marketing.
Some people do very little marketing, make sure you’ve got at least three
streams. So, for example, you could look at…
  • Marketing to mortgage brokers and IFAs, make sure you’ve got relationships where they’ll send you business, and you’ll potentially pay them commission.
  • Or, you look at doing seminars. With seminars would run them maybe through care homes, or through hotel rooms, and you’re doing seminars.
  • Then of course you could approach a shopping centre, set up a stand in a shopping centre and promote your company that way.


So, whatever methods you choose to do, make sure you’ve got at least three strands of marketing, so that you can apply in your marketing the magic of 
3. The same principle of 3 applies in your income stream. You’ve got
immediate money when you sell a will or a lasting power of attorney. But have a look at other streams. 
So for example, if you’re storing documents then you’ll get:
  • money each year
  • residual income
  • and when your client passes away you may get probate money.
So, again applying the magic of 3 to income streams makes your company
Finally, let’s say you’re a sole proprietor, you’re on your own, imagine if you
apply the magic of 3 to your business, and you say, ‘Okay, by the middle of
next year I’m going to have 3 sales people working for me’, imagine the
strength in that for your company. Imagine if you became ill, your company
still flourishes.
So, when applying the magic of 3, you may have to go through 10 sales people to get 3
good ones, but by thinking and applying this magic of 3, you can make sure that your company is strong, and it sustains itself.
Tim Heard from the Business School of Will Writing.
Hi Guys!
Today I’m going to talk to you about some of the reasons that customers say no to you. Now, it’s never a great thing because its always, well, pulling back really from what we don’t want to hear; it’s always more difficult if they’ve said no to you. But let’s have a look at some of the reasons why. Well, there are three factors when you walk in the door.
1. The first one of course is yourself.
So, shock-horror, they might be saying no to you. So, it’s important that you come across as authentic, in fact you are authentic, and you don’t need to act. It’s important that they like you, because it may well be that they say no at the end, but they’re not going to say, ‘It’s because I don’t like you’, but clearly that could be one of the reasons, they don’t like you. So, its very important from the beginning that you come across as professional, likeable, and trustworthy.
2. Secondly, they might like you, but they don’t like your product.
It may well be that they think, ‘Well, this isn’t a product for me’, and again it’s important that you make sure that they understand your product, and make sure it’s a correct fit for their requirements. So, they need to like your product.
3. They might not like your company. They might not find you online, they might try to ring you, and you never answer.
So, there are three main components to why a customer would say no to you. What can you do about it?
As I say, it’s more difficult to bring it back once they’ve said no, but you can do something like this…
‘Well Mr Customer, in my experience if a client’s not going with us, there’s a reason, there’s something I haven’t covered. So, it may well be that I just
haven’t done a good enough job in presenting myself’.
They might say, ‘No, no, no, we like what you are, we like what you’ve done’.
‘Oh, that’s fantastic, so it’s not me then?’
‘Okay, so the other thing it may be is, that the product hasn’t fitted, maybe
you’ve not understood it properly. Maybe I need to really explain it, can you see for example that the planning I’ve put in place can save potentially your children’s inheritance?’
They may say, ‘No, no, no, we’re happy with that’.
‘Okay, well finally, the only other thing I can think of is the company. Now, can I assure you, our company is fantastic, and I’ll happily bring with me next time we meet three or four testimonials of clients/customers that have dealt with us?
So, if you’re happy with me, happy with our product, and you’re happy with the company, then there’s no reason not to go ahead’.